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Welcome to Lockdown? What Lockdown?

The Lockdown zealots, fanatics, and ZeroCovid Cult have often been spotted on social media using the phrase, “Lockdown? What Lockdown?” as they vent their misplaced fury at the individuals who have realised that their declining mental health poses a much more significant risk to their health than COVID-19, especially with the rollout of the vaccine and the massive decline in cases, and so have decided to go for a walk in a park with a friend. We, here, on the day the roadmap out of Lockdown was announced, decided to claim this phrase for our own.

Here at Lockdown? What Lockdown? we know all too well what the mental and societal costs of these nonsensical lockdowns have amounted to and, therefore, we want to celebrate those enterprising individuals who have done anything from found the courage to have dinner with their “bubble”, or identified little loopholes in the regulations, right through to having hosted a massive party, or an illegal rave, all in the name of attempting to reclaim a sense of normality and because you, like us, believe that waiting for June 21st is the true definition of covidiocy.

Just as importantly as what you actually did, we also want to hear how it has helped you, made you feel better, made you more optimistic, or whatever the positive impact may have been.

On the Contact page, you will find our email address and an anonymous message box through which you can tell us anything you’d like to, entirely anonymously, from how you’ve bent the rules to how you’ve escaped the country.

We want to celebrate these stories for two reasons: the first is so that we can all share in your joyous moments; the second is to provide confidence to those still too afraid to visit friends that they can indeed find ways to enjoy life again.

Final note to make. If you’d like to review any previous pages from days gone by, they can be found by using the following link format:


Get out. See a friend. Share a hug.

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