The Great Mask Exemption Lanyard Debate

As a bit of a special feature, we’ve decided we’re going to publish a debate that we’re having between ourselves here at Lockdown? What Lockdown? It started over a (second) bottle of wine a couple of evenings ago, but, just for you, our readers, we’ve moved the debate over to email so that we canContinue reading “The Great Mask Exemption Lanyard Debate”

Why Lockdowns don’t work

Many people have put forward many suggestions to the question that Chris Snowdon believes the asking of to be equivalent to “anti-science”; although, isn’t the asking of questions the definition of science..? Others have said that the onus is not on the sceptics or anti-lockdowners to provide the justification, only to point out that theContinue reading “Why Lockdowns don’t work”