Which countries make the red, amber, green lists?

Grant Shapps assured us that this time around the data and decision-making process around the traffic light system would be much more transparent, and, to be fair, the criteria were published on May 11th, and can be found here. It is worth briefly touching on what’s in this Government publication though because the key metricsContinue reading “Which countries make the red, amber, green lists?”

I won’t be bullied into getting jabbed

I appreciate that the people who read this site will be almost entirely a subset of the population that is not just “vaccine hesitant”, but those who will outright refuse the jab under any circumstances; however, I feel it is worth outlining how I reached my decision so that the data are easily accessible inContinue reading “I won’t be bullied into getting jabbed”

An Analysis of the Application of Cipolla’s Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

Many have tried to understand the ‘why’ of the insanity that has blighted our lives since March 2020; given how much evidence there is against the prevailing narrative, there must be a reason. It is this need for a reason that has given rise to a number of prominent theories, ranging from a fraudulent GovernmentalContinue reading “An Analysis of the Application of Cipolla’s Basic Laws of Human Stupidity”

A Lockdown “Opinion” Summary

Following Saturday’s amazing march, I have noticed many, many stroppy celebs spouting utter rubbish about how we were “selfish”, “should be patient”, or how we’ll “create a new wave with new lockdowns.” While these screaming simpletons are not worth engaging with, I did want to summarise a response to these wails. First, we are notContinue reading “A Lockdown “Opinion” Summary”

The Unite for Freedom march

21st April 2021 Many of the Lockdown Sceptics readers (of which we are a subset) will already be well aware that there will be a march in London on Saturday where people will be coming from all over the country to stand together and walk with all the others who are opposed to lockdowns. Toby Young confirmedContinue reading “The Unite for Freedom march”

Given an inch, I’ll take a mile

Today we’re publishing an original piece from us looking at how best to skirt around the rules still in place through the planned roadmap. 13th March 2021 The Government’s roadmap may be moving at a glacial pace, especially as Scotland starts to accelerate its unlocking; however, there are a few gems hidden within it –Continue reading “Given an inch, I’ll take a mile”