The Unite for Freedom march

21st April 2021

Many of the Lockdown Sceptics readers (of which we are a subset) will already be well aware that there will be a march in London on Saturday where people will be coming from all over the country to stand together and walk with all the others who are opposed to lockdowns.

Toby Young confirmed his attendance on London Calling this week, as have other big names in our “camp” including Laurence Fox, James Delingpole, David Kurten, Bob Moran, and many others, and, while I am by no means a “big name”, I will also be there, and I think it is worth taking a moment or two to explain why I’ll be there so that I can hopefully persuade a couple more of you to attend too – if that star-studded line-up already mentioned hasn’t swayed you thus far.

The first point that needs to be made is that it will be safe. Of course, I don’t mean ‘safe’ in terms of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – it is pretty clear that the virus is practically entirely out of circulation at this point; I mean ‘safe’ in terms of police heavy-handedness, arrests, or social ostracisation. The march is being organised on Telegram to ensure that it can’t be shut down before it starts; there will be safety in numbers; and, as regards social ostracisation, the tide well and truly is turning. 

If you need further assurance of this, simply look at the last march which was entirely peaceful and largely unencumbered by police presence. This weekend’s will only be bigger and better.

If you’re still hesitant about committing, perhaps because protests and marches often have little to no genuine impact on policies, nor do they often bring about any meaningful change, there is an important difference about this particular protest that should be noted: we will not be marching just so that MP’s ears’ perk up – although, should enough attend, they may realise that their voter base is dwindling, we are also marching to show our fellow citizens who are opposed to lockdowns but don’t know how big the opposition is, haven’t been long-term Lockdown Sceptics readers, haven’t created a Twitter echo chamber for themselves, and haven’t felt they can voice their opposition, just how many others are prepared to stand alongside them. We are marching to counteract the constant censorship and poor journalism coming out of the mainstream media, and, for this, numbers matter.

If you’re still unconvinced, perhaps because you believe that our freedoms are being returned and once we reach 21st June, all will be effectively back to the ‘old normal’, it may be worth pointing out that Michael Gove is currently in Israel discussing vaccine passports and any introduction of vaccine passports would deny us old-normalcy; not only that, but ask yourself how confident you really are that a fourth Lockdown isn’t still on the table as a possibility. This madness is not over just yet.

If none of what I’ve said so far has pulled you down from the fence, then I have one more argument: it’s going to be a good day. The weather forecast currently looks excellent, pubs will have outdoor spaces open, and there is no requirement for anyone who comes to complete the entire march. Instead, consider it a walk through London in the sun with plenty of like-minded people, from which you can tail off after an hour or so for a pint in the sun, should you feel so inclined.

I’m sure there are arguments that could be made, but I’m hoping this will be enough to sway a few of you and I look forward to meeting some of those of you who do come on Saturday.

For those of you not on Twitter or Telegram, I will post a details update on Friday when the details come through.

Get out. See a friend. Share a hug.

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