9th March 2021

There is one good thing about the roadmap — other than the fact it exists at all, and that is that the restrictions that are being eased earlier are the ones that make it easiest to “bend the rules”.

For example: when, in three weeks, we are permitted to have people over, so long as they stay in the garden, and the total number doesn’t exceed six, we will realistically be able to confidently invite ten people over and then spend the entire time indoors.

I hope it doesn’t stop there though. Instead, I say, they give us an inch, let’s take a mile.

I.e. when the rule of six is returned for private gardens and you have a 500-person rave in your basement, let us know!

Anyway, onto the stories, and we have two to share with you today. First up is from a couple with their ears to the ground who have been moonlighting as delivery drivers simply for something to do in the evenings!

Sick of staying in at night, my partner and I signed up to work for a delivery service and now spend the evenings driving round the county delivering food to people. It’s blatantly obvious that people are having gatherings in their homes all over the place and I love it.

The evening streets are a far cry from when the night time economy is open, but there’s a hive of activity with all the different delivery services. You don’t see many masks. People chatting in takeaway queues. Smiling faces receiving their takeaways or shopping.

We’ve seen so many glimpses of normality, and it’s so refreshing to see that outside of our usual lockdown-fanatic Zoom-based circle there are others like us, just getting on with their lives.

Next up is an absolute corker for which I won’t waste any more time introducing.

We send our 11-year-old to the small shopping centre every week with his school friend, who he picks up on the way, to get them out of the house and make sure they get some exercise. Of course, we send them off under instructions to maintain strict social distancing (as would be expected of all 11-year-olds).

They were enjoying a couple of ice-creams as their reward on their way back yesterday, when a woman with two similar aged children passed by. The other kids shouted at my son and his friend, “you’re anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, you must be Karen’s kids.” The woman turned to her own kids and said, “Good job.”

Our son was having none of that though. He turned to the woman and said, “What’s
the problem, you must have had your vaccine, as you are over 60.”

She was probably late 30’s or early 40’s but he doesn’t put up with anyone insulting his mum!

And on that wonderfully light note, I will bid you adieu for now!

Get out. See a friend. Share a hug.

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