8th March 2021

It is finally the day of the first step on the Government’s road to freedom.

It seems like a big day, and, of course, it is wonderful to have schools back open again, but at the same time, we’re all here because we believe the Government’s route out of lockdown is a farce and everything should be open now.

Well, we may be lagging behind, but the cards are starting to tumble with more and more US states releasing all restrictions. North Dakota even going so far as to pass a bill that would make imposing mask mandates illegal in the future!

Oh, how wonderful it is to see sanity prevailing.

On the topic of mask mandates, thank you to everyone who read our debate and voted — we have now closed the poll, and I can reveal that the motion proposed was passed by 58% to 42%.

Now, onto what you all really come here for… we have a truly lovely story from a piano teacher for which you may want to prepare your sleeve or grab yourself a tissue.

I am a piano teacher. In the first lockdown, and in this latest one, I very sadly moved my lessons online but went back to in-person lessons as soon as there was any legal loophole to allow it. I never wore a mask (I’m exempt) but did some keyboard cleaning and hand gel stuff initially to keep everyone happy until I got the measure of what the parents actually felt was necessary.

I initially sat about a metre away (mostly), but as playing  duets with my pupils is an ‘essential’ part of teaching that soon went out of the window. A few parents have chosen to stay with online as it’s ‘safer’, but the vast majority have obviously appreciated that my lessons have been a haven of normality for their children.

One 7-year-old always used to give me a hug at the end of the lesson, so I have been creative about online hugs with large cuddly toys and we have since always exchanged a ‘mimed hug’ in face-to-face lessons.

Last lesson before the recent lockdown I commented as we ‘mimed’, “Oh M. I hope that we’ll be able to have a real hug very soon!” at which point she threw her arms round me, and of course I reciprocated.   (I guess if I was being a ‘responsible person’ the ‘caring’ thing to do would have been to thrust her away???)

Today was our first lesson in person since then, and as M mimed her hug I mentioned to her mother that I had read on ‘Lawyers for Liberty’ that hugs are not in fact illegal. We discussed the ridiculousness of our slight concern about what others would think if M told her friends and then she was ‘given permission’ to hug me. The hug lasted at least a full minute as mum and I finished our conversation.

Clearly ‘essential’.

If it wasn’t clear from our tagline, we love hugs here at Lockdown? What Lockdown?, and we loved this story.

Just a quick final note; we are going to be switching to ad-hoc posting from this week, publishing your stories as and when they come in. Those who have hit the follow button will, of course, continue to get post updates via email though.

And that’s it for today!

Get out. See a friend. Share a hug!

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