5th March 2021

Happy Friday all.

As we have published the opening statements of our Mask Exemption Lanyard Debate today (do take a look!), we will only be publishing one story for you today — but it’s a great one that gives me hope that we are perhaps not so small a minority as the pollsters would have us believe…

In the past two months I have had a company to check over my PV panels (as part of a contract) and I had a boiler service carried out. 

Two lads arrived to do the PV panels which are in/on an agricultural shed. As they got out of their van, they started to put on masks, so I said, “it’s entirely your choice but you don’t need to wear the ‘f***ing’ masks for my sake”. With alacrity they ripped them off, stuffed them back in their pockets, and said thanks. I made them a cuppa while they were doing electrical tests and a nice chat. All normal and I doubt very much that we had anything resembling “blood on our hands”.

A few weeks later the boiler engineer was booked for 8am and duly arrived bang on time; one guy on his own wearing a cloth mask. Same routine: “it’s entirely your choice but you don’t need to wear the ‘f***ing’ masks for my sake”. Again, he takes it off with a thanks and comes into the house to do his job. I quickly found out he is a fellow sceptic, and we had a fine hour slagging off Johnson and his so-called experts. It was almost worth the hundred quid to get to talk face to face with a fellow sceptic! 

I was intrigued to hear that many of his customers are near-sceptics or sceptics apparently and he regaled me with various stories about customer behaviour in these times. There was one especially sad one about a middle age lady who was obviously scared witless but needed her broken boiler repairing. He arrived to be told to stay at the end of the garden and put on an extra mask and gloves. He obliged his customer. He then asked her to show her what was wrong, but she said she couldn’t be in the house with him (even double masked when they work so well?) so he entered into what appeared to be a virus pathology lab! The way to the errant boiler was swathed in polythene and parcel tape.

He got the boiler working and left the house, telling the figure cowering at the end of the garden that it was now functional!

You have to feel sorry for someone who has fallen for all the psy-ops so completely and living such a miserable fearful existence, while also feeling utter disgust and disdain at those who have created this monster — a monster over which, they will find out, they have lost control.

What I have taken from this story is that there is less need to keep our scepticism quiet than perhaps previously perceived. Share your position with those around you, and perhaps, just maybe, we will begin to see just how far from a “small minority” we really are.

Ignore the Government propaganda telling you to “stop the spread of the virus”, but do go around spreading information, spreading non-compliance, while also spreading compassion.

And on that note, I only have one thing left to say…

Get out. See a friend. Share a hug.

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