4th March 2021

Today we have two stories for you, and indeed plan to limit our posts to two stories from now on so that everyone who tunes in has the time to share in the little ray of light we seek to shine from this fringe website.

That said, we do love reading your tales of civil disobedience, so please keep sending them in – especially now that Lord Sumption has stated we have no moral obligation to obey these despotic laws. (Well worth a listen, or a watch, even if we do disagree with him on vaccine passports.)

Our first story, in a fantastic twist, is a wonderful little snitch of a tale, numbering those who stand against us as being among us!

Myself? I’ve taken the bus into town for pretty much no reason, and, on my journey, I heard one of the other passengers saying that they were going to get rollers as they were decorating! That made me smile. Living on the edge we are.

However, for my main tale, I will snitch on my family. My niece and her boyfriend were coming down to visit her parents (is this an essential journey?) and had contacted my parents (her grandparents) saying that she would like to visit to stand at the end of the drive to see them and have a chat / say hi. My parents were obviously very pleased about this and later sent me a photo of my niece and her boyfriend as I have not yet met him. They were both sat in the front room on the sofa! Lockdown? What lockdown?

Then, my sister and her husband drove the hour and half to see their daughter and her boyfriend in their new house the following weekend! I mean, was this one also an essential journey? Was it local? Have these people lost their minds? But what’s so great about this is… these are the people that are buying into this whole lockdown thing!

Our second story is more about a regular gesture of non-compliance than a single specific event – but we loved it just the same!

Many people are concerned that if they don’t wear a mask they will be challenged, or at the very least subjected to negative vibes. However, I have not once been challenged or received a dirty look – or perhaps I just can’t see expressions behind a mask! I wore a visor for a period of time, and it made me feel happy to see anyone who was brave enough not to cover their face. So instead of worrying about negative vibes, I assume the sight of my now maskless face is lifting oppression and spreading joy. You can be sure that will be the case for the many people who are desperate for some semblance of normality.

Supermarkets often position employees, with no obvious job to do, at store entrances. Security staff don’t challenge people who are not wearing masks as they have been told that they must not harass people. Their presence is to trigger anxious feelings which prompt people to conform.

The government states “No person needs to seek advice or request a letter from a medical professional about their reason for not wearing a face covering”. “Severe distress” is one allowable reason for breaking lockdown rules.

Masklessness can give a wonderful sense of freedom, rising above the nonsense and also raising the spirits of at least some other people and giving them courage to resist. As Steve Biko said, “The greatest weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”. Think how wonderful it will be when on every trip to the supermarket we see more and more people baring their faces. Lead the way, break free and share smiles!

Now, this story is particularly relevant because of a debate we are having within ourselves at Lockdown? What Lockdown? regarding the exemption lanyards. We agree with one another that we should not be wearing masks at any point; however, we disagree on the wearing of lanyards, and, in a bit of a special feature this weekend, we will be publishing this debate for you to peruse and then cast your vote on – so stay tuned for our opening statements that will be coming out tomorrow.

For now though, enjoy yourselves as best you can, and…

Get out. See a friend. Share a hug.

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